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About me


Hi I'm Andrew Oakes. I am a London based actor, voice actor, and waistcoat enthusiast. Represented by Wig & Pen Associates.

What I do

My main skills

Accents & Dialects

Aberdeen, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Cornwall, Dublin, Heightened RP, RP, Scottish-Standard, Welsh-Standard


English, German

Music & Dance

Ballet, Baritone, Charleston, Jive, Merengue, Period Dancing, Polka, Schottische Dance, Tango, Two Step, Waltz


Mask, Murder Mystery Events


Archery, Rowing, Sailing

Other Skills

Alexander Technique, Drama Workshop Leader, Tour Guide



3 years, 2013 - 2016






My characters

Narrator, The Reluctant Luna2022

Abbi is a werewolf/witch hybrid that wants to steer clear of the mate that the Moon Goddess picked for her. She is determined to chose her own path in life and marry her chosen mate... until her fated mate makes an unexpected appearance.

Unfortunately for her, James has no intentions of letting her go. He has spent years looking for her and he knows that the Moon Goddess made Abbi just for him.

Narrator, Witchy Tale2021

Debora had one goal in life since she left her coven. It was to build herself in a way that she won't regret the decisions she took.

When she found her mate in a powerful Siren called Felix, there was no boundaries to her happiness. For once, she thought her life was going to be peaceful and full of love.

But the series of events that took place shortly after were not what she imagined, and this time Felix was dragged into this as well.

Eirek Zemi, Earth Eclipsed2021

The balance between freedom and order, Earth Eclipsed is the culmination of our curiosity about the self, our philosophy of morality, and our understanding of the human experience. It's an exciting and thought-provoking ride that unravels a thrilling mystery and launches audiences into a universe unseen before.

Simon Brooks, Man 2, Margaret's Garden2020

Everton was the perfect American suburb, cookie-cutter homes full of every modern appliance imaginable, green grass, and shopping malls, but that was 70 years ago. Now the town sits, empty and rotting. Something beneath the suburbs stirs, and threatens to change everything.

Episodes 7 and 10.

Col, additional voices, Nicked2020

A little Mean Girls, a little A Christmas Carol, and a little Labyrinth, Nicked is a holiday faerie tale about good kids, bad kids, and a best friendship gone cold.

Oliver, Absolutely No Adventures2020

The talking cat in charge of admissions to the greatest school of magic in the world visits a small bakery in search of a mighty hero.


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